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JoS Rituals have been completed thanks to the contributions of many incredible Spiritual Satanists. Their enduring efforts and love of service to Satan will be rewarded on their eternal journey.

@HP. Hoodedcobra666

He supervised the project and made sure everything was correct. Also, the various ideas he gave us helped us make JoS Rituals more useful for people. We thank him for his efforts.


He led the design (Product/User Interface/User Experience) and development (Full-Stack) process of the project. Re-organised all ritual content and managed all ideation processes. We thank him for his efforts.


Assisted in the collection of lost or missing rituals and provided effective feedback during the ideational and design process. He also checked spelling and grammar. We thank him for his efforts.


She provided strong ideational and design feedback. We thank her for her efforts.


Helped with hosting and infrastructure. We thank him for his efforts.