JoS Clergy
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  • ApolloAbove is now the maintainer for this project going forward. Please contact them for any issues.
  • Contact and Contribution pages updated.
  • Selecting text and copying it is now allowed.
  • Added Amon Ra's Power Ritual.
  • Language selection temporarily removed, will be added at later date.


  • Turkish has been added to the language choices.
  • Each ritual containing runes has been corrected to show the original rune combinations.
  • Many typos and incorrect expressions in various rituals were corrected.


  • Added Neberius's Power Ritual. Hail Neberius!


  • Added Orobas's Power Ritual. Hail Orobas!
  • New schedules are now only checked when the page is loaded. It used to be checked every 5 seconds.
  • Typefaces were optimized to increase page speed.


  • Added Marbas's Power Ritual. Hail Marbas!
  • Fixed a small bug in the scrolling behavior in the flow menu.
  • We have made the old version available for devices that do not support the new site.
  • Changes were implemented in the schedule system:
    • Fixed a bug that caused ritual schedules to be deactivated on the last day.
    • You can now click on the rituals that appear in the schedule block to go to their pages.


  • Old links now redirect to new links.
  • The system that prevents scrolling when the flow menu is opened has been refactored.
  • Now the flow-rendered version of the 3 main RTRs will automatically appear in the RTR tab.
  • A customization menu has been added to the bottom right to customize rituals that include a floating image or paintable area.
  • Changes were implemented in the painting system:
    • Now the painting experience feels smarter, smoother and softer.
    • Added 2 different finger modes to control painting behavior (only on touch devices, such as mobile or tablet, computers can simply use the mouse):
      • Single Finger: Painting/scrolling is done with one finger. The button at the bottom right should be used to switch between modes. This mode will come by default.
      • Double Finger: Painting is done with one finger and scrolling with two fingers.
    • Now the dot size can be customized. It can be a minimum of 24 pixels and a maximum of 96 pixels. By default it is 60 pixels.
  • The size of floating images can now be adjusted. Minimum 10%, maximum 100%. The default setting will automatically adjust according to the screen width.
  • The content of the specified rituals has been improved:
    • All Power Rituals: Fixed missing punctuation marks in the "Final Step" and "Ritual Notes" sections.
    • Andras's Ritual: A typo in the affirmations has been fixed.
    • Blessings For Employment, Financial Safety & Protection: Added introductory notes and improved formatting of affirmations.
    • Community Blessing For Every Spiritual Satanist: Added introductory notes.
  • Updated the "How does the JoS Rituals work?" guide to reflect the new features.


  • First stable release of JoS Rituals.