How do RTRs work?
HP COBRA 4 Min Read

These rituals work to destroy the enemy and remove all their existence and spiritual foundation. The ritual is a masterful work of occlutistic knowledge that follows spiritual and magickal laws to have maximum function.

It is not Hebrew, is the opposite of Hebrew. It's meant to delete Hebrew, devoid it of any spiritual power and destroy all associated curses of it. This will collapse the whole astral foundation of the enemy, and then all their material foundation will collapse on itself, since it's all upheld by these occultic forces.

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The occult principle behind the rituals is the creation of a counter-vibration to the vibration the Hebrs are creating, effectively blotting out theirs from the astral plane and causing the opposite effect of what they intent.

This is how modern insulation auditory technology works: the sound is absorbed from the environment, and in the internal place a counter-sound is played, creating silence. This removes and blots out the "Hebrew" and it's spiritual power from the astral realm. This destroys the enemy and their creations, leading them directly into demise.

Mathematically, the principle would be explained as +1 plus -1 equals 0. In this case, the normal Hebrew and it's reversed counterpart, equal null and void.

Additionally, the RTR's also impose the affirmation that not only these things are gone forever, but the intention of destruction is generated on top of this newly found void, creating direct destruction for the enemy.