How does the JoS Rituals work?

How does the JoS Rituals work?

JoS Clergy
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JoS Rituals basically works to simplify complex operations. This ensures that every feature can be understood and used effectively without any effort. What we want to do here is to give Satanists the tools they need and not impose any mental load as the cost of these tools.

Every feature in JoS Rituals is self-explanatory and easily understood. Nevertheless, in order to emphasise some things, in this article you will find the use of some of the features on the site.

Language Switch

This feature will be added at a later date, with an easy method for translators to translate each page to their own language.


The schedule section will automatically update itself when a new ritual schedule is published. Here you can see between which dates the programme will be active, how many days it will last, which day you are on and after how many days it will end.

A to-do list with the rituals you need to do that day will be right in front of you. This list refreshes itself every day and automatically switches to the next day's rituals. So you don't have to visit the forum topic again and again.

There will also be a ritual routine outside the schedule, which you have to do every day. This is also in the form of a to-do list. Any item will reset itself 24 hours after it has been marked as completed.

Items checked in the to-do list remain even if the page is reloaded. Because it is saved in the browser.

So you always live on your own clock.

Create Flow

This is probably one of the features you will fall in love with. You can simply combine the rituals you want and render them on a single page. You can select up to 6 rituals.

After creating a flow, a constant link to this flow is created and you can save this link to your bookmarks so that you can access it again at any time.

This is especially useful for Satanists who wish to perform rituals on mobile devices and slower connections. In one go, all done, you can now focus on your rituals without annoying switching between tabs.

From popular RTR flows to combining rituals from your own routines, you can unlock many different combinations.

Stay in the flow!


The guides collect together High Priest's sermons on rituals. So you can always access the wisdom you need here.

If you don't need them, you can collapse the guides. This is also saved in your browser, so if you collapse it once, you will never have to see it again.

Be guided by higher wisdom.

Block Concept

With JoS Rituals we are taking a new approach to rituals: blocks! What does this mean? It means that every ritual is now blocked and categorized according to the actions it contains.

So now, if you need to vibrate a rune, you will see a vibration block. If you need to affirm, there is an affirmation block. You can also mark these blocks as completed.

That way you don't forget where you left off in the ritual and what you need to do is very clear, organized and pleasing to the eye.

You are supported by the power of blocks.

Floating Rings

All the images, runes, sigils and rings you need to focus on during the ritual have been reworked to be of high quality.

You can also see them on the top right of the screen during the ritual. The size can be scaled up or down to your liking from the customization menu at the bottom right, so you have the luxury of focusing on the images while still being able to see the content.

The sigils are close to the eyes and you are close to Gods.


In some RTR rituals there is a painting system that allows you to draw letters. The painting system has been improved and is more flexible than ever before.

Painting behaviors are implemented with a mouse on computers. You can paint the paintable area with your mouse. On touch devices, such as mobile and tablet, there are 2 different modes:

  • Single Finger: In this mode, an extra button appears just to the left of the customization menu at the bottom right. By clicking this button you can switch between scrolling and painting modes. If you are in scrolling mode, you can easily scroll with one finger, but you cannot paint. If you are in painting mode, then the scrolling behavior is canceled and only the painting system is active.
  • Two Fingers: This mode is the same as before. With one finger you can only paint but not scroll. Using two fingers you can scroll the page. A more sensitive and tolerant finger detection system has been created to make the experience easier.

So you can hit the enemy harder!