Usage of the Final RTR, Tetra and Shattering
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The Final RTR, Tetra and Shattering, are multi-purpose rituals. How dangerous they can be to the enemy, is basically limitless, or rather, limited to the skill of the person doing them. As you become better at it, it can do more and more damage, but the point is, it will do damage no matter from which level it's used.

Despite of being a universal weapon that EVERYONE can use from any level, there is more that can be done with these. A very regular application of these rituals as warfare, will do it's job no matter what.

However, at the hands of an adept at spiritual warfare, these can do even more intense damage. The amount of damage can be increased and increased with more knowledge and capability of magick put into the ritual.

How these are utilized for other purposes, is mainly due to focus, intent, and visualization. Those who are a bit ahead of meditation, will understand how these affect the reverberation of the ritual and it's direction, without canceling or interfering with the outcome of the affirmation.

It's like wanting to cut something with a knife, but you can take different routes as you are cutting - the end result is that something is cut, but you took a different way.

To illustrate this example, one does the Final RTR as per normal. Yet, recently, the enemy had their Eid celebration, where they do copious blood ritual. As one is doing the ritual, this could be directed with imagination and intent [with the same affirmation and changing nothing], into a willed direction of making this crap of their's backfire, or ineffective. And it would go through this way, straight into the intended purpose.

The more open one is, the more they will understand how this could be used. For example, as you do the Final RTR and you imagine the letters dying as per usual, you can focus them dying "above" the place where the death energy from Eid is supposed to raise. And this would make the intended double hit one wants to make.

Another more normal example, is that you have a Hebrish pest harassing you at work or otherwise. You do the shattering, but you can focus meanwhile that you want in your mind revenge from this specific chosenite who is a harassing individual. While the ritual will hit hard and home because of the affirmation, the particular cursed creature will also be specially affected.

Lastly, even when these are done in the most simple way, these will take out curses and so on, simply because of astral reverberation, and how this undoes the letters and enemy vibrations [which are chanted and directed on people by the Hebrs]. These will be blotted and taken out.

A more advanced method of the above, is that you do the Final RTR as done usually, yet, this time, you would specifically INTEND for it to remove the curses, as you remove the letters.

A visual representation of this, imagining the letters breaking from around your aura or from around your body, dying out. This can help in removing curses, which is already done, but you can also put specific focus like this.

The Final RTR finalized and done, would be equally valid. And it still would do the intended larger purpose.

Now, I am sure most advanced members here already have understood this or have been utilizing this, and might have utilized this already. It has also been alluded in other writings I have done before on this, but this is to clear this up.

These rituals are not only to solve the issue of the enemy, but also, to remove curses from people, keep them safe [and keep these from manifesting by creating a disabling effect for these] but can also be directed in ways such as above.

In simplified terms, these main proponents of our spiritual warfare, are keys that open a million doors, in contrast to having a million keys for a million [of enemy curses or...] doors.

For those who have understood even more by applying and doing this warfare [you are advanced and you will know], it's better to not share more, and keep utilizing these. It's for sure that this has been happening, which is why the enemy has been taking such serious unending beating as of late.

And there is not much they can do, as many will be able to do this and more. To anyone having understood this, all will be clear at these points why the Gods have instructed to do these things in contrast to anything else.

Those who may be newer and the above might be "confusing" or "difficult" to utilize, do not worry at all. All will come in it's correct place eventually.

What people read in most "Kabbalah" books and other stuff, is just elementary gibberish. Most of this is to keep stronger methods hidden from other Hebrs.

Hebrish history is rife with mistreated and self destructive Hebrs wanting to destroy their own. Parasites will feast on the death carcass of anything, including another parasite, without care. It's in their nature, as they are parasitic and predatory and mercy is not known to them at all.

Us overcoming the enemy, and taking them down, is in this case, all following the same pattern and direction. We get more free, they get taken down, our influence grows, and so on. We rise collectively and individually at a related rate of forward evolution.