Wealth and Prosperity
  1. One can either begin this Ritual with the formal Standard Ritual, or just instantly recite the following prayer and proceed with the Runic Vibration and then the affirmation.
  2. This ritual is extremely simple. The power of it will be cumulative and it will manifest over time, as we will repeat it on power dates.
Recite the following prayer either aloud or in your mind:
In the Presence of the Almighty and All-Powerful Satan, His loyal Demons, our one and only family in the Gods. We humbly request your attention, we request your assistance, we request your guidance, your power and wisdom, now and for all eternity. Pour your blessings on us all, your loyal followers and dedicated followers, bonded by blood, shower us with your power and eulogies!

On this most important night, the Night which belongs to you, O Satan, our loyalty is tried and tested. Our Loyalty is true. We fight against your enemies, we revile those who blaspheme your Name and the Names of your Demons. We anathematize their curses, reverse their benedictions, as today the long darkness gives in, for your spiritual light to return, so do our enemies collapse, and your Kingdom Arises!

Lord Satan, and our Loyal Demons of Hell, on this Greatest Night, hear our request: assist us in the direction of this blessed energy on your dedicated people linked by bond of blood, and the whole Joy of Satan members, of all ranks and levels in accordance to your Will and Power, and Service!

[After this one can call into their Guardian Demon to help them guide the energy (whether they know whom it is or not, do not stress over this, just do this mentally) and proceed with the runic vibrations.]
Vibrate the Runes below: [The amount of vibrations can be either 10, or 40 both are equally effective, one can increase the numbers, but cannot fall to less than 10. The vibrations can be shorter and don't need to be perfect, they just to be vibrated and intended powerfully. After 40 times you can do it 60 vibrations, 80 vibrations, or 100 vibrations if one wants this.]
Fehu x10
Sowilo x10
Wunjo x10
Othal x10
Ansuz x10
Affirm the following sentences 10 times:

All the members of the Joy of Satan Ministries, Dedicated to Lord Satan by blood, advancing in this Spiritual Path, are now growing in material wealth and power, and are permanently protected and prosperous in all ways, NOW, CONTINUOUSLY, AND FOREVER!

Then end the ritual with:

Ring Size 40%