FAQ about RTRs
HP Cobra
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For The Final RTR, Killing Tetragrammaton, Shattering Hebrish Soul Protection

  1. Do I need to raise my energies before the ritual?

    Yes, you can raise your energies before the ritual. On each ritual page, a link to the energy raising rituals is given.


  2. Do I need to do the ritual on a specific time?

    Any time will do. The hour of Saturn for those who have the luxury is also great, but any hour will do.

    RTR's are to be done everytime at 1:00:00 and at 0:00:00. You can use the clock on the home page for this.

    Keep an eye out for new RTR schedules. If there is a new schedule, it will appear on your home page.


  3. What If I do not have a printer? Does that weaken the ritual?

    See #15. In fact, you don't need to print anything. For the necessary rituals, there is a painting system that allows you to draw letters directly on the device.


  4. Should I do the ritual if I am new?

    Yes, you can do the ritual if you are new.


  5. If I do not have time, can I still do the ritual?

    In severe cases of lack of time, it can still be done. With lower repetitions on each letter variation. The minimum should be 3 times. In extreme cases, 1 time will do. The affirmation must always be done 3 times.


  6. How do I dispose the paper?

    Bury it in the ground, shred it, ruin it in some way, and dispose it, if you do this with paper.


  7. How frequently can I do this ritual?

    As much as you like. It should be done daily by everyone.


  8. What does this ritual do?

    This ritual reverses the Hebrish letters which effectively reverses and ruins all the spiritual and existential system of the enemy, both on the world, and on any individual (for example, those blessed or cursed by Hebrish magick, those doing Hebrish meditation, Hebrish souls etc). It's a reversal of the very existence of the enemy in all senses. This includes the enemy in all their other occult branches also.


  9. How do the reverse torah rituals work? Is that Hebrew?

    Recommended: How do RTRs work?


  10. How strong is this ritual compared the ones we have done before?

    This ritual would not be possible were it not for all the efforts put in the other rituals which opened the enemy up so this ritual can be effective and applicable. The RTR's need to be kept safe regardless in some place, yet for the time being we will only do this RTR as this captures everything we need to be doing.

    The Final RTR + Killing Tetragrammaton + Shattering Hebrish Soul Protection, is the most advanced RTR combination available now, and deals major damage to the enemy.


  11. How do I chant/vibrate the letters?

    This is a matter of personal preference. You can just speak the letters, or slightly vibrate them, and the ritual would be equally effective. One should strive to have the same sounds as the MP3 file provided, but if these are not perfect, the ritual is still fully working and fully valid.


  12. What is the sequence of the letters?

    Taking for example the first letter:

    "Vibrate each the following 9 times each: VAHT • FUHT • VUHT • VUHSS • OUT • OUTH • VAHSS"

    This would be VAHT (you do this 9 times), then FUHT (you do this 9 times) then VUHT (you do this 9 times), then VUHSS (you do this 9 times), then OUT (you do this 9 times), then OUTH (you do this 9 times) then VAHS, you do this 9 times.

    After the above, you blot the letter.

    The same sequence is done for all letters, to their name variants from left to right. When you are done blotting the last letter, you say the affirmation with conviction 3 times.


  13. How can I increase the impact of the ritual?

    Recommended: Usage of the Final RTR, Tetra and Shattering


  14. Can I visualize the letters being destroyed?

    Of course. In anyway you like.


  15. If I do not have a printer, and I do not have an electronic device, how can I otherwise do the ritual?

    In cases where one possess only the means to read the ritual from and is in some sort of a dire situation. You do the ritual as usual, and instead of blotting out the papers or wiping them out in a paint program and disposing this, you can directly imagine the letters being destroyed in your mind.

    One should try to use some means to do the ritual with a device or a paper however. Painting it over in your phone is also working fine.